Thursday, October 30, 2014

Party Time

As the kids have no school tomorrow, Halloween, today was the day when the schools celebrated.  We were lucky enough to start the day at a friend's annual Halloween breakfast party. Super fun. Then the elementary school kids had their costume parade (literally a highlight every year. And this year I was able to help out in Annie's classroom during her party.  I was in charge of the Halloween Bingo station, which was simply fun.

With only 5 more days of treatment,I must say that Ryan is doing well.  Tonight as he was falling asleep he commented how he can feel God's hand in his treatments, how he is able to bear some of the new burdens that he struggling with, and that he is certain that all the prayers of friends and families are making a difference.  I completely agree, and feel so very blessed. Tonight's treat was a foot massage whilst watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids with our minnows. It's a "so bad it's good" kind of movie.  I just like spending time together, even if we are all glued to the tv.

Breakfast food and Halloween go very nicely together.

Ninja Owen at the parade.

I think Simon is the bad guy in the Captain America movie.

Annie even stopped during the parade to get a pic. What a great daughter!

Owen posing with pals.

Annie at apart that I helped out at.

Our sweet Cricket really goes down for the night, just like a child or adult does. I love how were tale is tucked in and she's curled into a Cricket ball.  It's just so cute.

Annie found this Southwest bird feeder for her father today while shopping at a second hand store with her friend.

It's so random, and such a lovely, unique gift.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Eve Eve

We're getting pretty excited over here for the big event of costumes, candy, and carving!  Our ward (congregation) Halloween party was a smashing success, and my dear friend in charge of the photos sent me this tonight. Good stuff.

Annie was a vampire, Owen was a ninja, Simon was a (still don't know) and I was hoping to turn this into a Mrs. Piggy outfit, but didn't locate anything else for the costume (dress, pig ears, snout, pearls...) So I just said my costume was Texas hair.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sourdough Bread

Out of eggs, butter, bread, bananas, and a whole lot of other almost crucial ingredients (such as cream cheese) I finally broke down, made a shopping list and headed to the market.  There were a few items I grabbed at Costco. Incidentally, I love Costco because the Bountiful location has loads of samples, every single day it seems. But what I was really craving today was sourdough bread. And when I headed over to the bakery, the loaf bag was still a little warm. Which meant, victory! The bread was hot from the oven fresh!  I made some saffron bacon risotto to go with it, and dinner was basically a total success.  Super glad to have butter in the fridge, and sour dough bread in my belly. Clearly, today was pretty uneventful:~)

When Ryan and I were in San Fran a few years ago, we watched this man demonstrate how to make a sour dough bread crab.  Ryan thought it was cheesy... and I did too! It was a highlight of the trip.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home sick from school. Home to work on homework.

Home lunch. I love me some garden fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil and balsamic.

Annie after gymnastics, grabbing Ryan a smoothie for his chemo/radiation treat, headed home.

Family Home Evening: "Where ere thou art, act well thy part." Cocoa, donut holes, and "Christmas with the Kranks"  a new family favorite movie.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Primary Rocks

Once a year, our children ages 3-12 provide the music and talks for our sacrament meeting.  It is loads of work for their amazing leaders, lots of memorization for the kids, but jus easily the most enjoyable, spirit filled, delightfulest meeting of the year.  Simon, Annie and Owen were all fab, and the meeting was as good as I knew it would be.

Preston received a special blessing this afternoon, called a patriarchal blessing.  This is a really big milestone in the life of a Mormon, and it was so wonderful to be part of this sacred experience. It was wonderful, our son has many great things in store for him, and I'm so very thankful for the patriarch in our ward.

With the date so close to Halloween, for many this week will consist of dress-up parties.  Tonight my dear extended family had a wonderful costume party.  Owen was Harry Potter, Annie was a vampire, Calvin was Captain America, I'm still not sure what movie Simon's costume is from, but he's a bad guy, Preston and Ryan came (sans consumes) and I was a cowgirl from Texas, as in boots, bandana, and a blond wig of really big hair.

I totally forgot to be the camerawoman for the night!  This was taken right before we left, and only shows a fraction of the awesome costumes and people that were there.

Uncle Todd was kind enough to look whenI tried to get everyone's attention for a photo.
10 points for Todd!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Party x 4 = awesome, fun, busy Saturday

Party Hard

1) Not a  formal party, but the women's organization in my congregation (aka the Relief Society) has been in the presidency for 1 year, and so we "celebrated" by going to the temple and out to breakfast. I simply love the gals that I work with, and every single member of our organization. XOXOX, North Canyon 5th Ward in Bountiful, Utah!

2) My cousin's darling handsomer turned 1 today.  He is fab and it was super fun to be a part of their special day.

3) Ward (Congregation) Halloween party. I was in charge of the salad, silverware, service and ice-cream toppings. Last year we had 50 attendees, so I planned on 100, and of course 150  people showed. The party was epic!  Well done Halloween committee members.

4) A friend had a happening Halloween party.  Good food, amazing decorations, and a hostess with the mostess. I'm exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.

Kids with baby Luki. One is fun!

Birthday hats are super fun, in theory, but I really hate having anything tight under my chin.

The party parade at church.

Ironically, this lovely women, in the prison outfit,  kindly volunteered to help out in the kitchen.
I think it was a good reminder to all the kids about what can happen when you end up on the wrong side of the law.

On to party #4. It's hard to fully appreciate this, but my dear friend could be a party planner/ decorator if the idea moved  her. She really is amazing.  This table was wonderful, and some napkins read : Embalm on and Scare On.... that's just cool.

Crazy Hair Day!

I totally forgot to include some fantastic photos of very crazy hairs on the heads of my youngest three children.  This week was spirit week, which meant wear your favorite jerseys on Thurs. (I think... I can't really remember), crazy socks on Weds, sunglasses on Tues, etc. Crazy hair was the most fun though.

What an attractive group!

Owen went with an old school Oompa Loompa look. 

Simon opted for a green mow hawk and a green spot, where he actually has a brown spot.

Annie was sassy in her bright pink hair.
It looked very natural on her.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Jazz vs the winners

Tonight Ryan and I went on a hot date to see the Jazz vs the Suns in a pre-season game. It was super fun. Our seats were super awesome. Ryan loves basketball and I love to see hime smile.

Ryan in his seat. He's like a fish in water at a stadium.

He wanted me to get him one of these Jazz dolls. I told him, be patient, you never know what Santa will bring...

We wore matching jazz shirts,  which is just super adorable and tender.  Ryan's idea, scouts honor.

Speaking of romance, two spoons in a very large cup of mint ice-cream qualifies as both adorable and tender. XOXOXO Ryan Smith!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch! I got to lead a group of three first graders (6-7 year olds.) They got to pick out their own pumpkins,wander through a hay bale maze, and take goofy pictures.  The weather was perfect. The kids were awesome, and I love field trips!... Ryan only has 10 more days of chemo-radiation!!! Let the countdown begin!!!

We learned all about pumpkin varieties.

The boys selected their pumpkins, aiming to find the biggest ones in the patch... which are a little on the not-so-big side as the kids all pick from a special "field trip patch area."

Witches and the moon.  Spoooooky!

Tonight was the only Thursday night soccer game of the season.  
We were attempting to divide and conquer parenting, but Ryan wasn't feeling so hot, so I yanked Owen out of the game mid-fourth quarter, and we raced to the Jr. High to watch Calvin perform percussion with the band. Which was totally worth the racing, although I did not speed. I think it was just my heart that was racing, not wanting to miss even 1 second of his performance.

Hanging with a friend right before they took to the stage.

Totally fun song with them paying on metal trash bins.
Calvin looked like he belonged in a rock band.

Everyone in the whole room wanted to hit that huge blue drum... but Calvin was the one who got to do it! Well done, son!

Calvin after the performance.   We headed to McDonalds to celebrate (he IS in Jr. High, and they do have tasty nuggets.)

Scotts in Bountiful

Today was the funeral service for Joseph Munn, a new neighbor and friend. Ann and Joseph moved to Bountiful only three months ago. Just a few months after they moved in, a cancer that Joseph battled just a few years ago returned.  He fought hard for a few weeks, and then Heavenly Father called him home.  When I met Ann, I was immediately struck with her beautiful Scottish accent. Though born in the states, her parents were Scottish. As for Joseph, his last name was originally McMunn, and is also Scottish, but was changed when his ancestors arrived at Ellis Island. Needless to say, I liked them both right from the start.  I am grateful to all of my neighbors and congregation members that came to the service today to be with the Munn family.  It was an honor to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stood in need of being comforted.  How grateful I am for God's plan of eternal families.

A neighbor in our congregation is an award winning Bagpiper.  He kindly offered to play at the cemetery.  It meant the world to the Munn's, and touched all of the hearts of those who were there. 
Joseph, you will be missed. Ann, you are in our prayers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today's Game and Gift

Ryan is on day 16 of his 28 day chemo radiation therapy.  Every day of treatment he gets a little present, but not all presents are created equal. Some are silly, some are practical, and some, like today's gift, are designed to absolutely delight Mr. Smith.

This afternoon I sent Ryan on a treasure hunt where he collected clues and puzzle pieces...

That corresponded to my plans for our date on Friday.

The Puzzle read "I wish I was a ..." which is from one of my favorite songs, I Wish, by Skee-low.  It's about basketball. The first line is "I wish I was a baller (as in basketball.) I played the song, and then handed Ryan an envelope with our tickets to the Jazz v Suns game on Friday night.  He cried a little. Boom, baby!

I came home to this lovely edible arrangement delivered to our door.  It's like the perfect storm of art, well wishes, and fresh, delicious fruit.  Many thanks to the thoughtful gestures and words of encouragement during this crazy Smith season.

Calvin and some of his friends from church helped me set up a few rooms for a funeral that will be held at our church building. What a great group of guys!

Simon got his Arrow of Light tonight for Cub Scouts. It took three years to accomplish this goal, and I am mighty proud of him. Well done, son!

The Cub Scout activity tonight was a Box-Car derby.
Make a box look like a car and race around the gym. Three laps, with a "pit stop" in between each lap to change your tires (remove your shoes and put them on again), clean your windshield (wipe your goggles) and fuel up (eat three goldfish crackers and sip water.) It was super fun!

Doesn't really look like a car, but is still pretty rad.
Love the giant Halloween skull and the caution tape.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Baby Boy #5

My half way through the pregnancy ultrasound was today.  Ryan had an uber important meeting that he needed to go to, so Annie Joy Smith, sister extraordinaire got out of school to come. We caught lunch at Arctic Circle (Annie's corn dog meal) and I caught Nielsen's for a garden cheeseburger, b/c that's what I wanted.  All of his parts looked healthy and handsome; yes, it is still a boy.  I'm halfway to my estimated due date, which still means I have forever to go.

... and for Family Night, we really wanted the entire family to be together so we attended his HighSchool Halloween performance.  He did a fantastic job, and it's easy to see that those running the show have done this a few times before.  Preston is a natural on stage, and I'm excited to see what the rest of the musical theatre year holds for him.

Getting lunch.
Corn dog with mustard, fries, root beer and vanilla ice-cream. It's the lunch of champions.

Holding up the sonogram pics and the DVD they made,

Waiting to see their big brother perform.

They decorated the theatre to look soooo cool.

Owen fell asleep about an hour before it ended.  E for effort.

Not the best camera or the best seats to take a great shot. But he did soooo we'll, What fun!

He looks so handsome!