Monday, June 30, 2014

Dog Hero

Instead of Channel 5 airing their regularly scheduled "Studio 5" program, the President of the United States of America felt he needed to address the nation about Immigration reform. Blah, blah, blah.  What this translated into, at least in Lindsey land, was that instead of my demonstration on apple fritters being featured on the show, they weren't. He might of said something really profound and life changing, but if he did, I didn't catch it.  I was too busy hoping that he would speed things up so that I could check out my performance. Oh well. The day has, however, totally ended on a high note. We are trying out a dog (and she's trying out us.) A friend of mine has retired her seeing eye dog, and was looking for a great home for her to move too, so that she can work uninterrupted with her new seeing eye dog.  So for the next few days, and hopefully longer, we will have Cricket living with us. She is a dog hero, a life saver (actually), a Golden Labrador, perfectly trained, entirely delightful, and maybe my future best freind. A dog hero. Cricket is a dog hero.

 A lovely banana split: aka FHE dessert. MMM.

Eating with the Andrews. What a great family! I'm 99% positive that Annie is somehwere working on a craft of some kind.

Simon loving on Cricket.

Annie and Cricket under the table. I don't know why.

Steve, Becky and Cricket. 
She is such a wonderful dog.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Korean Potluck

Tonight we had some Korean food lovers over to our home to celebrate good food, great friends and grand fun. SOme pals in the neighborhood are moving (booo!) But I am so glad that we could spend time together and enjoy each other.  As a bonus to the tasty night, RYan suggested that we all announce on thing that others might not know about us.  It was so fun to learn about my dinner guests!  What a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Burnt Like Toast

I totally remember putting sunscreen on my darling children today.... I just don't remember how long we had been outside...swimming...chatting with cousins and Aunts and Uncles... sitting in the lovely sunshine...enjoying snacks and pop.  We are fried like Kentucky chicken. My Aunt Jeannette had a Stander family party (my mom's maiden name) and everyone that was awesome (and could make it) was in attendance.  It was so much fun and so lovely.  My Utah family is both faboo and famazing, and I enjoy every single minute that I am lucky enough to spend with them. Three cheers for summer family time!

Smiths and Englands!

Owen is indeed in front of a bouncy castle with balls, but behind a a swimming pool. It was a pretty epic gathering.

How lucky that I randomly took this picture while Annie was flying through the air.
How awesome!

Ashley, Aunt Joan, Chelsea and me.

Becca, Age, Meagan, Courtney and me.

Owen, Opa and Simon.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tying Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, be it known throughout the land that Owen Ryan Wallace Smith is now a member of the large, vast, and proud community of individuals who can tie their own shoes.  Clearly, we needed to celebrate.  Soooo, we went bouncing at Kangaroo Zoo (becaseu I had three free passes), we went and got Simon's eyes checked (because sometimes his pupils are so dilated that he looks like he's in a Halloween horror movie, but the Dr. said his eyes are just fine) and we went to see the Lego Movie at the dollar theatre (because it was cheap, and mercy, was it hilarious. I mean laugh out loud funny.) I can't remember the last time a movie made me giggle that much.  It almost makes me wish we were a Lego family... oh wait, we're cheap. Never mind.

Kangaroo Zoo and funny faces. I love these weirdos. 

Movie night. I love that Owen is wearing a Lego t-shirt that he got at a friends birthday party.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm Going to be on TV!

Apple Fritters: Because we can!  Studio 5, a Utah variety show, likes me enough to have me come on as a regular now.  I did a fritter demonstration, and I didn't burn myself or accidentally swear, so basically, it went really well. Ryan came with me to help carry my bags and offer words or encouragement, and to eat fritters.  The show will air this Monday, June 30th at 1:00pm on Channel 5. Watch it if you dare. Make apple fritters if you are hungry.  Register for a cooking class at if you are awesome.

On the set!

Apple Fritters...mmmm!

Chatting it up with the hostess, Brooke.  Cooking demonstrations are fun.

Frying up the fritters. Don't I look professional?!

Preston and Calvin are at youth conference right now. I am so very grateful for awesome leaders that make the magic happen... I took the younger three that are home to the pool, and when I came home, I found my husband taking a nap. Luuuuckyyy!

We celebrated (nothing in particular) by going to IHOP. Tasty!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Florida Mission or Bust!

After a crazy good breakfast of potato quiche casserole, apple fritters, and melon, the crew hopped into the car and drove South to a little city called Provo.  Sister Jordan Coleman was reporting for duty at the MTC, and report she did.  Jordan looked very happy and a wee but nervous. Her Grandmother shed a few tears, excited by the moment and remembering all of her children who also made the choice to serve the Lord on a mission.  I got a little choked up, hoping that this was just the beginning of my visits to the MTC to drop off Smith family missionaries. Happy Day.

A sign means that something big is happening.

Cousin pic.

Unloading at the MTC.  We were told we had exactly 2 minutes and thirty seconds to help Jordan get her luggage out of the car and to say goodbye.  I think we actually took about 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

Sister Coleman, rockin the missionary look.

She is being greeted by some missionaries who will direct her to her home for the next two weeks.  After being trained, she will head to Florida to help change the world for good, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serve like mad, and work till she's exhausted.  You can do it, Sister Coleman!

After the drop off we headed to Thanksgiving Point.

So glad to have had all this time with Grandma Linda!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Missionary in the House!!!

My niece Jordan Colman is reporting at the Missionry Training Center in Provo, Utah for her very first official day as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am very excited for what the next 18 months will bring her!

Owen on a Lagoon ride.

Preston and Annie soaked after Rattlesnake Rapids.

Calvin lost his hat in the Lagoon.  Mercy, that water was groddy.

After we grabbed Jordan from the airport, we hit Baskin Robins for Icecream. I always get mint and chip, even when i tell myself that I wont this time.

Ryan, Jordan, Grandma Linda and I went to the Bountiful, Utah Temple.

Nielsen's Custard afterward.  I'm proud to be their custardmer.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Turtle Loom

My sweet children have it in their minds that we need to get a husband for their Greek Turtle, Athena Xena.  The idea is that it would be simply darling to have little turtle babies running around.  I see a few  problems with this idea: reptile breeding. I don't know anything about breeding reptiles, I imagine it's difficult, and I don't want to actually know anything about how to breed Greek turtles. Another hiccup is space.  Our current turtle habitat is kind of tight and I would possibly be turtle abuse to cram them both into a somewhat smallish cage, let alone all of those turtle babies. And then there's the cost.  I'm not sure about the going rate of turtles in other parts of the world, but out here, it's over $100 to get a turtle, and I have informed the kids that they will need to raise that money if they want another turtle pet.  They are undeterred.

Annie, Owen and Simon set up a dale in the front yard, selling various items that Annie made on her rainbow loom.  She even made a bit of money (much thanks to our generous, kind hearted, and fashion conscious neighbors.) Well done kids!

We also were lucky enough to go to the library with Grandma, then to the DI, and then she was able to see all of my karate kids at practice.  Well done boys! Grandma and I loved watching you! FHE we walked around the Bountiful Temple. The weather was perfect and the company ideal.

Family Sunday

I simply love Sunday time with extended family members. Today we attended church together and cooked together and ate together and played games together. It has been so lovely to have Linda stay with us. Apples to Apples is a Sunday favorite.  As a team we collected cherries from our backyard and made a cherry pie for dessert.

Preston and his Grandma walking in the hall after church.

The cherry pie. The before pic looked much better than the after pic, but the after tasted way better than the before.

*** This post is for Sunday, June 22, 2014***

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tale as Old as TIme

FInal performances of Beauty and the Beast were tonight. Both ANnie and Preston did a great job, and had a great time.  Speaking of fairy tales, we went to see the movie Malefecent. It was really unique and very interesting.  I'm a fan of back stories and an even bigger fan of strong female leads, and way even bigger fan of flying and fairies, so there were lots of things to satisfy my hunger.  I'm also a fan of church and am excited to have my Mother-in-law come with us tomorrow. She will be in town with us for just 4 more days.  We are all so glad to have her here!

I'm like Arora in this shot.

Chip is doing her thing, and doing it well.

I just like Preston's fake hairy chest.

Chip and the Beast

Grandma Linda flew in today for the big show, to see some sweet karate moves, and to help us send off  my niece, Linda's granddaughter, Jordan Coleman.  What a lovely day! Preston and Annie were awesome today! Several supportive friends also came to applaud and cheer, which made the shows all the more special.

Waiting for the show to start.

Belle and the Beast at a table with a teacup named Chip.

Another sibling shot.

Romance in the air. Tale as old as time.

Simon loving an ice cream cone.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dress Rehearsal

Today is the dress rehearsal for Annie and Preston's performance of Beauty and the Beast.  I am helping out with the props and now know how to preserve bread for the baker's bread basket: microwave on high to dry it out, then a thick coat of polyurethane to make it shine and last forever. Jealous much?

Dont' take a bite! It's covered in polyurethane.

The "JR" bit means no kissing, which naturally makes the Beast very angry.

Practice. Costumes. No set yet.

***This post is for Thursday, June 19th, 2014***

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Neighborhood

Not all neighborhoods are created equal, and I'm talking about the people (aka the friendliness factor) here. I simply love the people that I am surrounded by.  If I ever needed a cup of sugar, an emergency sitter, a blessing, a listening ear, or a hug, I wouldn't have to look very far.  I hope with all my heart that my dear neighbors feel the same way about the Smith family.  Below are a few pics that illustrate the joy of living in such a loving, welcoming community (FYI, a few houses right close to me are going up for sale, so come check them out, move in, and stock up on sugar in case I need it:~)

A picture of our neighborhood potluck lunch. The women folk meet monthly to pig out and learn about preparedness (it's called the Preparedness picnic.) SInce we had an earthquake just a week ago, we discussed quake safety... the triangle of life.

We drove home to find some of Preston's neighborhood friends standing at our door, with mannequin heads. I like the friend who is holding a blow dryer. Weird. Awesome.