Thursday, January 19, 2017

Calvin in the middle!

Calvin had a birthday last month. It's sandwiched between Christmas and New Years, and that has meant that almost every single year of his life he is on the road traveling home to Ut from our AZ list to family during the holidays. It's just not the best way to spend a birthday.  This also means that he usually does something smallish, before or after for his birthday bc the holiday season is nuts. But not this year! He was still in the car traveling on his birthday, headed to CA for a family reunion. But the night before, with the help of his friends, we threw him a surprise 15th Birthday party. He had no idea, and it was great to see all of his pals. we love our Calzone (a nickname he's had almost since birth:~)

Two birthday cakes: chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Mmmmmmmm.
"He's 15 for a moment, caught in between 10 and 20, and he's just dreaming..."

The Final Results of the Christmas Quiz!

Dear Friends, a few weeks before Christmas I posted the all important question on Facebook "What is your Christmas morning breakfast tradition?" I got soo many delicious answers. I almost decided to just show up at each of your homes bright and early on the 25th to and join you at your table.  But thankfully (at least for you) I didn't drop by and I just made my own meal. And for the Smith family's all important menu?

We had eggnog and orange juice, fresh berries, french toast cream cheese casserole with buttermilk syrup, and sausage, and a cheddar cheese egg casserole my mom made for Christmas mornings when I was little.  The casseroles were prepared the day before, making them a no-fuss meal, but still cooked Christmas morning making them toasty warm and tasty.

I love this picture.

Christmas morning: moments before all of their wildest dreams came true.

Annie and Norman are feeding Athena her special Christmas morning breakfast: radishes and lettuce. She always gets lettuce, but when radishes make the scene, you know a celebration is under way!

*** Merry Belated Christmas! May we feel year round the love and generosity that makes this time of year so special.***

Snow Buddies

It is cold here in lovely Utah. Really cold. We're not a skiing family (yet) but we do know our way around a sled.

Ski party at Sugar House park.

This is literally the warmest hat that I own. I love my Scottish cow hat!

Annie and Calvin. Good Fun.