Saturday, May 27, 2017

Preston Goes to Prom

Preston Edward Albert Smith, aka, P.E.A.S., or the "Beast" went to the senior prom several weeks ago. He took his lovely girlfriend, Ms. Abby Watts, aka "Belle" from their schools musical, "Beauty and the Beast." They had a wonderful night. I'm sure there was plenty on dancing.  And as a total mom perk, I got to play the part of photographer for their group. Below is a sampling of the pics. A good camera plus attractive people can certainly make up for a lack of photo taking talent:~)

Preston refused to smile w/ teeth because of his braces. 
Abby didn't mind his braces so she smiled and showed her pearly whites.

Lots of kissing... but I'm sure they didn't kiss for the rest of the evening.

An attempt at a cool guys photo. A failed attempt.

Under the tree of life, on this totally cool circular bench.
Love the dresses. What a great group of kids.

Preston rocking the suspenders.



Skee Low's, I Wish:
"I heard that prom night is a bomb night"

I love this song.