Saturday, September 24, 2016

Snake after Soccer

Owen and his pal were dipping around today after a soccer game and Owen apparently spotted a snake. It was a baby so he decided to pick it up, and play with it (I'm hoping after he ensured through some adult supervision that it wasn't a black mamba.) I don't know who's child this is. It would never occur to me to hang around once a snake sighting has occurred, let alone scoop it up and name it. I don't recall the name his friend and he gave it. But they had fun while it lasted. Catch and release.

Snake on a shoulder.

Snake in his hands. Weird.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sock Hop Sock Drive

Recently my church congregation (aka "ward") had an epic 50's sock hop dance party. It was a sock drive to be donated to the local Utah Refugee organization. Apparently, most of the refugees coming to us hail from Syria, and in general, Utah can have us some pretty darn cold winters. Socks aren't just a fashion statement (which of course they are!) They are also a necessity. We pigged out on Root Beer floats, ate Tres Leche Cake (catered by a woman who works with the "Spice Kitchen Incubator" - a company that employs refugees who are considering catering as a profession). We did some line dancing, we did the hokey pokey, and finished the night with a short (but fabulous) video clip about the plight of any refugee.

So how many pairs of socks were donated at the Hop?
Scroll down to find the answer, but seriously guess before you look. It's just more fun that way.

The following is a quote from my church's April 2016 church's General Conference, titled Refuge From the Storm:

Totally True...

Q: And how many high quality socks were donated at the Sock Hop Sock Donation Party?

A: 644. Annie and I counted them together. Easily over $1000 in donated socks.
Think of all the warm feet!

This is what 644 socks looks like...
And this time of year we always get spiders, so just ignore that spider in the background. 

Our cake! Fancy, and quite spendy.

Ryan was the dj, and Annie kindly sampled several root beer floats.

Our dancers. Everyone had rhythm.

*** This post os for Saturday, September 17th, 2016 ***

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Preston had a fabulous time at his senior Homecoming Dance.  It's fun to think that he's making senior year memories.

The classic lounging in the side by side hammocks whilst holding hands shot.

So Cute!

So "seriously annoyed-GC-above it all-James Bond-ish."

Group Shot. Some good pals from musical theatre.

*** This post is for Saturday, September 17th***

Monday, September 19, 2016

Day of Deliciousness!

My day began with a television demonstration (Heavenly Honey Baked Peaches) and ended with our neighborhood cooking group, ICB celebrating it's 8th anniversary. Iron Chef Bountiful began right after the Olympic games in China, and our first year, instead of doing a theme ingredient, we chose a country for each monthly theme. I love our anniversary month because a few years back, we decided the best way to celebrate would be to have a restaurant do the cooking. Here are the rules of the club:

These rules keep all of us from running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
It really is ridiculous amounts of fun, and my favorite rule is the last on the list.

We dined at Cafe Niche in SLC. It was pretty incredible (but a little spendy.) My only "complaint" was that the chocolate mousse was more like a crazy large chocolate truffle (not light and smooth like a mousse, but thick and insanely rich) so most of us had trouble finishing our dessert... but really, of all the complaints, that one should not deter anyone from checking out the place.

This is how into food this group is. My dear friend packed her strawberry slicer in her purse so she could show it to us: her new favorite gadget. How cool is she?! ... It's that kind of a group.

A picture from my demo. I love doing demos!

**** This post is for Tuesday, September 13th, 2016***

I am so far behind on this family blog! Look forward to reading about Homecoming Formal, the most successful fundraiser ever, our congregation's Refugee Sock Hop, and my secret to soft feet (but not really that last one.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The Smith family Labour Day was spent hiking, eating, a bit of laboring (chores) and a little missing. My AZ family spent this lovely day celebrating my Mother's birthday with a fab service project that she had planned (lunch for 60 men at a homeless shelter.) This birthday service project is something that has apparently been going on for a several years. What a wonderful way to spend time together. I spent just a few minutes on this Labor Day missing the AZ party, the heat, the cake and ice-cream, and the conversations; the time spent just chatting about random things, soaking up the joy of family togetherness... But lucky for me, my UT Labor Day was still pretty fabulous. My fitbit had my steps at 19,000+ by the end of the day, which means that indeed, I did labor on Labor Day.

Quite the Waterfall.

A well deserved sit after the hike to the fall.

Preston got Norman duty for the hike back. I love that Norm is standing in his backpack, and that Preston is holding his tiny feet. Darling.

***This post is for Monday, Sept 5th, 2016***

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Fun!!!

Nana came in town for a little sister time/ family fun.  Annie decided to include a spa day for the visit. She did a lovely job on the pedicure, and spared no expense on the high quality foot massage.
Nana almost fell asleep!

It might be too soon to declare, but it looks like Annie might actually let me help her with her hair again. Fingers crossed!

We got new carpet! Its a black/grey fabulous, so even when it's stained I won't know about it!!!

This was a vista with my Mom and Grandpa. She was the camera woman, with Norman starring as the eye candy. I think Opa's hair is great.

Simon auditioned for the jr high musical.  His solo was on key and full of zip (Never Fully Dressed without a Smile.) If he's part of the general cast or lands a lead, I know he'll do a great job and will have a humble happy attitude. That's just how he rolls.