Monday, April 2, 2018

PJ Masks Pajama Pancake Party

Norman Harold is no longer n his terrific two's. He's officially three now that the beloved (not often celebrated) "Pi" day has arrived. My last, youngest son is now three. His birthday is also a special time of reflection. During his delivery my handsome husband was battling cancer, and so I can't help but celebrate these two boys; both my husband who has lived to see more birthdays of this little guy, and my little Norman, who's birth was a bright light in a pretty dark time. How did we celebrate? Why with a PJ Masks Pajama Pancake Party. This was a winner for several reasons. We didn't need to get dressed for the day. I didn't need to make a cake or pie... yet (I made a chocolate silk pie on his actual birthday since his party was over the weekend.) We got to wear masks. It was was short, bc three year olds are just as happy with an hour and half party as they would be with a 4 hour party... in fact, probably happier with the shorter party! My little man child is silly, officially potty trained, loves the movie Boss Baby, enjoys doing anything that his big sister is doing, and loves a good tackle with his brothers. What a guy.

I love three! Old enough to open their presents. Young enough to love everything they get!

We played a rousing game of "Hero, hero, Villain."

Pancakes and fruit kababs.
Happy Birthday!

On real birthday we went to the zoo. It was pretty rainy, except for the hour that we were at the zoo (yeah!) Which meant the zoo was virtually empty of other animal lovers, and the animals were all out and eager to show their stuff. 

Gotta love the carousel.

What a pie Ryan brought home! It was the largest (incredibly delicious too) pizza I have ever seen.

My adult woman size hand is in this just for comparison... it was like 4 pizzas in one.

And finally we had his real birthday treat: chocolate silk pie.
I love that sweet little smile... on both of them.

3.14.15...on 3.14.18

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Choir Concert!

Simon decided to turn in his clarinet so that he could pursue other musical opportunities: he's now in concert choir. He loves to sing, is loud and I personally believe that now that he's singing with them, the choir has now idea how they ever made do without him. 10 points to the powers that be that planned the concert, bc the music was lively, the choir sounded great, the program was well organized, and the whole affair was an hour. It was a lovely night. I love my Simon!

Simon: so good he didn't even need to wear his tie (that he had in his pocket.)

He put it on after the concert, to great his fans.

I'm his biggest fan. He's easy to love.

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Annie and Owen both played Jr. Jazz basketball this Spring. Both of them had a great time and both had kind encouraging coaches.  Some of the games were at 6-7 pm. Others were as alte as 9:00, which was just total silliness. Annie enjoyed herself enough that she's kicking around doing a basketball camp this summer. I was never any good at basketball so they must get their ball skills from their Dad.

Annie is #3. She's totally fast and can get to the other side of the court in no time. She admits that once she's there, she has no idea what to do:~)

Owen made several baskets during his season due in part to his cool basketball socks.

Winter 2018

Bouncing Castles

A rare Saturday morning found my older three* at a churchy opportunity, leaving us with Norman and Owen. Q: How do we entertain the a 2 year old and a 9 year old, when the weather is lame and we're sick of the house? A: Kangaroo Zoo, a bouncing castle place. Fun.

I love me a good bouncy castle... not really but my kids sure do, and since I was still 39 in this picture, I wasn't too old to participate.

RYan, being over 40, decided to just stand by and watch... not really, bc he was actually all over the castles with the crew, but in this picture, he's just offering fatherly counsel on how to properly slide down.

Saturday, February  24th, 2018.


I totally love bowling. I"m not that good at it, but I've always enjoyed it. On the regular, when I'm throwing out family activity options, bowling is listed and frequently looked over. How lucky for me that Owen's pack meeting for Scouts had a family bowling night. I still bowled as poorly as I usually do, but I think the whole family had a great time.

Owen made a great ball.

Part of the fun was that the carts the kids sat on actually didn't go in a straight line at all.
Not sure if we even got to 20 points!

February 21st, 2018

Fondue = Fun-do

Fondue is how adults play with their food. I did a demo at Studio 5 on both a cheesey fondue and a chocolate fondue. No matter how you melt it, fondue is fabulous.


This is what the South West corner of the studio looks like.

I use this cart to take my demo supplies from my car to the studio. 
Norman found it after and decided it would take a great spot for a nap.

February 15th, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!

As many of you may or may not know, Chinese New year for 2018 was celebrated in February. The elementary school that our kids attend is lucky enough to have a Mandarin Chinese Immersion program. This means that my 4th grader and 6th grader have spent 1/2 of every school day in two classes: a n English only class, and a Mandarin Chinese class.  I speak no Chinese, but am skilled at eating eggrolls. So there's that.  A few weeks ago my family sat down to watch a favorite Disney movie: Sky High. There's a scene in the movie where they're in a Chinese restaurant, and some Chinese is spoken. I turned to Annie and asked her what they said. All casually she translated the dialogue in English. My first thought was "Oh my word, you actually know Mandarin!" My second thought was "Wowsers, I'm such a good mom bc you know Mandarin."... in all honestly, being a mom is hard and I'm regularly searching for both proof that my kids won't be psychotic killers and meaning/purpose in the journey. Their school did a great job celebrating the holiday with a parade during school, and then a carnival that evening for the whole family to enjoy. And enjoy we did.

Annie all dolled up with some of her friends.

Owen and a friend looking handsome as ever.

The Chinese festival had 7 different stations for the kids to check out. 
We checked out most of them.
Chinese Masks.


Chinese Yo-yo.

Chinese character writing.

Ribbon dancing. Great night.

Feb 2018.