Sunday, April 30, 2017

Table That

Whenever I head out of town, even for a little while, my handsome husband decides that it is time to make some change to the house: a new oven, new paint on a wall, etc. I headed to AZ for a few days to check out my sister's brand new fabulous house in Gilbert, and to sit in on my twin's preschool (as I'll be doing a preschool of my own next fall - Little Piggies Preschool!) Anywho, whilst I was away, Ryan decided to play.  He made a new dining table. And I absolutely love it. It got me thinking about the phrase: "table that" which depending on where you live, means totally different things. In the US, it means, talk about it some other time. In the UK, it means: put it on the agenda and were going to talk about it now (cause we're all sitting at the table.) Frankly, I think the UK version makes more sense. Especially since we sit at our table all the time. If the phrase were, "lawn mower that" or "cold storage" that, then it would make sense to me that the topic will be ditched for another time... Oh well, let's table this... so should we continue to chat about it or leave it for later. Who knows. But I love me new Ryan made table.

Here it is, in all it's glory.
It's made of maple plywood. He bought the legs online.
It took about 2 hours on Saturday to cut, sand, nail, glue and lacquer. It's tableriffic.

Here we are dining at our new table. Crab legs... the table was better than the dinner. Sometimes that happens.

*** Sunday, April 23rd, 2017***

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bacon Vs. Lindsey

Bacon won this time. Sorry to jump to the final score, but I lost, and I lost pretty good. For years I have had a love/hate relationship with bacon. I love it, and I hate how much I love. In a not very animal friendly way, I have always adored bacon, and have simultaneously always wanted a pig. I've settled on a breed: a Juliana pig. I'm pretty sure that my neighborhood is not zoned for farm animals, but may plan is to call my new little Juliana pig "Dog." That way, when we're trotting around the neighborhood on our daily outing, I could say, "come on dog," or "Come here dog."... you know, to throw people off the scent... One of my children said I can't name a pig a dog, but I pointed out that we have a dog named Cricket*. We have a precedent for naming a pet after another animal. Mom won that discussion. But now that you know the ending, I'll get to the beginning. Early Tuesday morning I was making breakfast burritos with bacon. I fried up loads of bacon, and felt the pan contained too much grease. So I grabbed a paper towel to mop up a bit of the grease (which was a dumb move without tongs.) Well, I was right about there being too much grease, but I was wrong about just how much was in the pan bc when I went to mop it up, I accidentally swirled a bacon grease tidal wave onto my right wrist. I squealed out in pain, ran it under water for a bit, then finished the task of making some incredible bacon breakfast burritos. So, ya know, totally worth it.

A little Julianna. A piglet. Darling. Mercy. Darling indeed.

A pig in motion. Just imagine a darling little piggie collar on that sweet little porker!

2 Hours after. That blister is about the size of a quarter.
And hurts like its the size of a half dollar.

And this is 4 days later. 
Nice. I't still hurts like the half dollar.
Not sure what I should be putting on it to avoid a scar.

 *We, nor her previous owner, chose the name "Cricket."  Guide dogs are named by the family that first has them, and loves them, then lets them go. Cricket, it is then.

Monday, April 3, 2017

175th Anniversary

The women's organization in my church is celebrating it's 175th anniversary this year. Pretty dang exciting! I was asked to plan the stake event for the party since I know my way around a party. I was able to gather with many women in our stake to ensure that the Deci-semi-septi-centenial anniversary was as fabulous as the women who claim membership (FYI: there isn't really a membership process: be an adult women who wants to help others, and you can be part of the Mormon Relief Society:~) As luck would have it, our Stake R.S. President is friends with Elaine S. Dalton and so our guest speaker was taken care of... and the rest was up to our committee. We handled the advertising, food, decor, music, and an epic service project: 175 purse kits containing tampons, pads, pantyliners, lip gloss, nail clippers, chocolate, and lotion. Boom, baby. Those are on their way to our local women's shelter (the original plan was to send them to our local refugee center, but given the state of refugee's and our government restrictions, the Refugee Center their incoming numbers were up in the air, and that they couldn't take any donations at this time: sad.) Anyways, the big day was Saturday, March 11th, 2017. We started set-up early. and were done right around 11:00am - which worked out well since that's when I launched into a migraine. Major lame. I came home and tried to sleep it off. As a blessing I was well enough to attend the event (4:00pm start time.) With over 350 in attendance, I vote the 175th anniversary was a smashing success, thanks to a wonderful committee, and all those who carved out time on their Saturday to attend.

Ryan (an unofficial committee member) designed this fabulous invite. I just love it sooo much!

Getting Ready!

We put together the purse kits in two separate areas of the building. Women either put a kit together, or wrote an inspirational note to go into the purses. Even women that were unable to attend the event were able to participate by donating items.  Busy women, busy lives, still make time to help!

Getting the event all set up.
Order of Operations:
Service Project 
Dinner: Soup, rolls, salad and cupcakes

The decor was incredible! I love a sign that is too big and wonderful it's easy to read from 100 feet away!

Loads of cool quotes lined the room.

I wanted the pineapple sign to say "sweet on the inside... but acidic when necessary."

It was simple and fabulous.

Our Stake Relief Society President and me.

Sister Dalton and me after her talk.
Her adoring husband right behind her.

Getting those kids together! The purses and goodies were inside the giant green bags.

This was the message I wrote. It was made into a sticker and it went inside a small white gift box, an anniversary gift for each sister. The box contained Hershey's hugs and kisses, and loads of love.
Done and dusted.