Sunday, February 28, 2016

Matching Flannel

Departure day started off with a bang. It went like this:
Setting: We've just woken up in our California hotel at 8:00am.
Q: What time did you say we need to leave to get you to the PHX airport in time for your flight?
A: 9:00am.
Comment: Good, we have an hour.
Realization: Oh no! We're an hour late! CA is an hour earlier than AZ!
Panic: we all rush to pee, pack and depart.

Trying to eat afap - as fast as possible.

Lovely rolling hills leaving LA.

I just think windmills are cool.

At the Phoenix airport.

We all wore matching flannel shirts, because they're just as cool as windmills.

***This post is for Saturday, February 27th, 2016***

High (Herbal!) Tea Party!

Today I was tempted to talk in a British accent, due to our English tea party at a very posh hotel and our viewing of the movie Pride and Prejudice...and Zombies. Both were absolutely delightful; true works of art!  It was the perfect way to spend our last full day of this wonderful sisters trip in LA.

Hillary checking out her menu.  I love the china.

Don't I look ready for a tea party.  If only we had fancy hats!

My twin.  The setting was lovely, and what added to the atmosphere was the exquisite pianist who played the entire time we dined.

Mercy. Words can not capture the joy and deliciousness that was brought to our table.
The vanilla herbal tea was scrumptious, and I didn't have a single bite of anything that I didn't enjoy.


I think Lesley looks like Alice in Wonderland here.

The hotel grounds were in full bloom. It was just such a perfect afternoon.
I think the yellow sweater looks smashing with the red bridge.

Look at that fancy hotel in the background, the Langham.

Being on the Beach reminds me of my beach time with Ryan.
That man has my heart. I'm sad to see our sister trip end, but i'm excited to return to my husband and children.

***This post is for Friday, February 26th, 2016***

Friday, February 26, 2016


Ellenno - as in Ellen? No... We attempted to get into the Ellen audience but they apparently have 3 tiers of audience members (vip, guaranteed and standby) and then they also have the "didn't get any tickets, call on the day of taping standby option." We did not get any tickets, and opted for the wait in line, call on the day of taping option, but to no avail. We came up ticketless, and didn't even make it to the riff raff room. No matter, we still had a great day with shopping, hot stone massages, dining out and chatting.  Although we got up crazy early in our attempt to see Ellen, our efforts were not entirely in vain.  When we left our hotel prior to 4:00am, we found a little toddler wandering the halls of the hotel. This little sweet heart had no idea what room she was in, and was too young to even divulge her name.  We got the hotel management and hung out with her until, as a tender mercy, her 4 year old sister just happened to open up their hotel room to find her. Their parents were totally, fully asleep. Kind of scary to think about what could have happened to these littles.  Super glad we were there to make sure they were safe.

Waiting in line. Boo.

Divine breakfast after the wait at a place called Olive & Thyme.
Super fresh and tasty.

Enjoying a fabulous bite.

I LOVE eggs Benedict.

A darling pig in the front entry way. I love pigs, especially fake ones that don't smell.

Hibachi dinner.  This is Lesley's Hibachi face.

Love the smoking onion rings.

*** This post is for Thursday, Feb 25th, 2016***

This is Jeopardy!

Highlight of the day! We were on the tv set, waiting for the taping of Jeopardy to start. The man who was warming up the audience, telling jokes, being silly, accidentally had his fly down.  When he asked everyone to turn the cell phones off, I was able to catch his attention, and let him know that he needed to zip up his fly.  He was so grateful that he called me up and had me grab a prize from the prize bag (only a few were given out.) The prize wasn't fabulous, a jeopardy carabiner, but regardless, I walked away a winner on Jeopardy!... Seriously though, always tell someone when their zipper is down, discreetly tell them.

Sony Studio arch!

Getting our wristbands that say Jeopardy!

Excellent lighting. Beautiful pic of my twin.

They also tape Wheel of Fortune here!

Massive picture of thee Alex Trebek.

Alex and I had a great conversation.

Didn't even realize when we took our places during this silly photo op that 
I was the Jeopardy winner!

At the beach!!!!

So sunny I can barely see! 
Category: weather
Clue: Utah winter
Answer: Why do Utahans travel to California in February?

Cute little seal.

Beach. Feet. Ocean.

We tried to go to the LA temple, but it was closed for cleaning.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

God IS Good!

I am currently on a sisters trip in California with Lesley and Hillary. Our plan is to be in the live audience for Jeopardy, sneak onto the Ellen show, swim, show, eat too much food, talk till our jaws hurt, sleep in, sing, dance, make memories, and celebrate our blessings. As we were driving across the AZ border into CA, the border patrol asked us what we were up to and we explained we were just heading into Pasadena to enjoy some quality time together, she exclaimed "God is good." We echo her sentiments. I miss my kids , spouse and home, but am so thankful for this chance to hang out with two of my very favorite people.

Hillary picked me up at the airport, and we washed the car for the road trip.

Its so fun being with my sisters!

We got the car gassed up. Then the van died:~)

Then we walked to Target and bought jumper cables (because we approached like 6 people and no one had them (which just seemed super odd to me.) We walked back to the car, got it jumped and then got it checked out at a service station. The car got the thumbs up.

Over the border.

We booked a room on the Premium floor, which means we get free snacks in the vending machine. Very premium indeed.

Dinner at Claim Jumper. Mmmm.

*** This post is for February 23, 2016.. because the internet was rubbish last night and wouldn't load anything.***

Monday, February 22, 2016

Burger Mission Impossible

Our mission for family night, which we chose to accept, was to locate the very best burger joint we could find in Bountiful, Utah (but we really only tried three places.) Of Apollo Burger, Nielsens Frozen Custard, and 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.... Apollo took 1st, 5 Guys a close second, and Nielsens took third (although their custard can't be beat, and I totally prefer their fries and fry sauce to  the other places. It was basically an epic family night.

Piggin out on unhealthy food.

I caught Annie mid head twirl!

Today I visited this lovely lady in my congregation.  I'm whats called her "visiting teacher" which means I get to check in with her, see how she's doing, help when needed, talk gospel chit chat, and all around get tp know this lovely lady. During our visit today, it became apparent that Norman was a little restless, so we went into the back room, where she brought out some baby toys, and then got on the floor to play with him during our discussion.  It was just so lovely.  My friend who also serves as this woman's visiting teacher took this picture, So cute.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Serving in My Church

As a blessing form God, I am currently serving as the president of the women's group in my church. The women's croup is called the Relief Society, and all 150+ members in our congregation do indeed provide relief. Our motto is taken from the bible passage found in 1 Corinthians 13, and is "Charity Never Faileth." There are a lot of programs and workouts and diets that claim to be fool proof, or the perfect remedy, "thee big answer that we've all been looking for".  I love that our motto is tried and tested. It actually is impossible to fail when you exercise charity (the pure love of Christ) to those around you.

Pictured from left to right:
Jessica, Linda, me and Stacy.
We magically showed up at church today kinda matchy and so we took a picture together.

Hot Date!

Ryan and I have lived in Utah for over a decade. We've enjoyed ourselves immensely, and tonight we finally participated in the quintessential Mormon experience of dining at "The Roof" restaurant in Salt Lake City.  It's an all you can eat gourmet buffet that sits just East of the temple. The food was tasty. The dining room had soft light, with a fabulous pianist playing on the grand piano, and my date was a perfect gentleman.  It really is fun to get dolled up every once in a while and stare deeply into the eyes of the one you love... while pigging out.

On our way out the door.

Us with the Salt Lake temple in the background. My parents and grandparents 
were married in this temple.

On my left wrist is the white rose corsage that my handsome husband gave me for this lovely night.
How romantic is that?!

Annie is such a party animal. She threw together a last minute group of sledders, and when they were done and cold, I threw together a last minute treat of cocoa and cookies.

***This post is for Saturday, February 20, 2016***

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane

My mother left back for the Old Pueblo of Tucson Arizona today. What fun treat having her with us for a week. It's alone grandparent time that my kids rarely get.  We watched my segment on TV today, and then enjoyed some Nielsens Custard on the way to the airport.  I'de like to think that the laughter and chatting will count as exercise to oppose the vast quantities of sugar cookies we consumed. It makes me look forward to fun times with Annie when she's all grown up and i come and play with her and her family... or fly to the White House to see her in action as the President of the United States of America. Either way.

I took a goodbye pick of me and my mom at the airport. It was rubbish.  I have been very strongly advised to only post fabulous shots of family members. I get it. Agreed. 

Norman officially has another ear infection, but because of his tubes the infection is draining instead of swelling up painfully behind his ear drum. I guess that's the silver lining. Poor little baby.
Preston is rocking a sinus infection.  Poor big baby.

*** This post is for Friday, February 20th, 2016***