Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy 3rd of July!!!

Many thanks to my fabulous Holman family for gathering in Gilbert for our epic 3rd of July Party (since many of us had plans with others on the 4th of July.) Fun was had. Chickens were fed. Water balloons were tossed. All in all, it was the best 3rd of July Party I've ever been to.

 I learned form my mom that to make any family trip/vacation legit, all you need to do is have matching shirts. Done.  Our crew was joined by Preston's girlfriend. We debated wether to have her shirt read "3A" or "3 1/2" but just decided "3" would be easiest. Team Preston.

The party was at my sisters new ranch dream house. She boards courses, and Norman loved feeding the horses and chickens. My lovely carrot giving sister.

He also found a drum set. I think his cousin might be giving him pointers.

Water ballon toss. My mom was about to catch a balloon that was lobbed pretty high.

What a lucky picture. Taken milliseconds after the balloon exploded on my mom. Fantastic!

My darling nieces showing me a Grasshopper.

Gathering around to pet the kitten.

And people think i'm the nutter in this relationship.
I love that it looks like both Calvin nd Preston are Ryan's shoulder angels.  Which son is more likely to be whispering to their father "Make this silly face!"..?

My twin and her two oldest daughters.

My brother. He likes to make that face at dusk.

Mom and Dad, rocking their 3rd of July outfits.

The expression on my sister in laws face makes me wonder what my brother is saying...

Night swimming.  What an excellent set-up, with a covered hot tub cave, doubling as the waterfall, tripling as the cliff jumping point. Epic night with fantastic people.

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