Friday, July 7, 2017

Graduation Pics

Preston's High School Graduation from Woods Cross in Bountiful Utah on June 2nd at 1:00pm was an event that will forever be celebrated, and therefore must be properly documented.  Here goes.

He did his announcement all on his own, handsome boy!

He gets his braces off in a few months. Until then, we're not going to see a smile with teeth.

My parents came into town for the special day, so the ladies went to get our nails done to celebrate.
Pictured above: My mom, me, Annie, and Abby (Belle in the schools musical "Beauty and the Beast" that won best in state, Preston's smoking hot girlfriend, a graduating senior, and an all around high quality individual.)

My parents with their 2nd oldest grandchild: Preston Edward Albert Smith. He's holding up a new journal... what will those pages contain over the next few years?!

I made the sign! And the boy in it! From 6lb12oz to the giant he's become.

Decorations mean you really care.

He sang in the choir which put him near the front of the ceremony, and had him sitting close to friends. Lucky.

After the graduation.

Preston and Abby. I seriously love this picture.

The whole crew (minus our Norman, who's two, and won't be invited to events of import for another 2.8 years, a policy which is set in stone.)

Proud parents.

Good looking crew.

Love my oldest man-cub!

Happy, hungry kids! Let's go eat!

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  1. I love this kid!! How did time go by so quickly?! Can't wait to see all that he accomplishes and see the great human he will become. Way to go Peas!