Saturday, July 8, 2017

Calvin Says Goodbye to MP Junior High

After three wonderful years of partying at Mueller Park Junior High, Calvin Smith is headed to greener pastures. He enjoyed band, track, walking to school, his engineering, english woodworking and art classes. During his 7th to 9th years, I personally enjoyed his kind nature, calm demeanor, honest and forthright work ethic, and the note he left me regarding his complete an total loathing of German Pancakes. It was seriously a work of art. I have it saved, but don't have a picture of it on hand... Calvin is now taller than me, can eat a double bacon cheeseburger in one small bound, and is loved fiercely by all of his siblings. He's not a regular guy.

Following the promotion ceremony, the kids had an epic dance party, complete with matching t-shirts. My good friend headed up the promotion committee and she nailed it. Black light dance party.
Good times. Calvin with one of his best pals.

Unlike most students who transitioned from jr high to high school this summer, this particular group experienced a fellow classmate in their grade, shooting a 12 gauge pump action shotgun in their school in December. It happened during Calvin's first period, in his science class room. Thank heaven (literally) there were no injuries, and the situation was contained rather quickly. It was a sobering day. Calvin was interviewed by the news after being interviewed by FBI. Mercy. Just to make it official, I'm not a huge fan o guns.

He's the handsome one in the white shirt and skinny black tie.

Calvin shaking hands with the vice principal.
What a guy!

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  1. We love you Calvin! lets talk about why you don't like german pancakes?!